Day 30 — The End

30 days straight.

To close out the writing challenge, I want to reflect on some highlights, regrets, and stray thoughts on the past month:

  1. I'm no longer afraid of the blank page. Forcing myself to grind out 250 words a day in under 30 minutes each day certainly had its ups and downs. It was easy when I knew exactly what I wanted to say. It was difficult when I wasn't sure what to write or how to articulate a fuzzy thought. Today, I'm confident in my ability to just start writing.
  2. I shouldn't have stuck to a single topic. The beauty of the 250 word limit is that it's manageable. Even on my busiest days, I had no excuse to not open up Notion and write. I could always make time. That said, that same word limit didn't encourage deep thinking on any single topic. Every day I was writing fragments, and I had no incentive to piece them together for the sake of the challenge. "Post-capitalism" isn't a topic that lends itself well to fragmented thoughts.
  3. I'm glad I did it with a friend. Shout out Fardeem for sticking through the 30 days with me (with a minor hiccup due to traveling halfway across the world). Public accountability is strong, but having some friendly competition is always the biggest motivator for me.
  4. I can no longer say that I'm not consistent. I may be a procrastinator, but this challenge proved to myself that I can be consistent when I put my mind to something. This realization is a huge morale boost. Hopefully it carries over into future projects!
  5. I should do more challenges. The incentives of a public challenge certainly seem to work for me. Whether it be for exercise, mental health, or more writing, I'm going to continue to explore ways to incorporate these mini challenges into other parts of my life.

Thank you to everyone who read these posts and encouraged me along the way. I truly appreciate it :)