Day 13 — On Writing Publicly

This is veering off of the topic of the challenge a bit, but it's been on my mind the last 2 weeks. Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

A big barrier to be writing consistently over the last couple of years has been public perception. A lot of the ideas that I enjoy writing about are massive. No 2000 (or 250) word essay could do them justice, even by an expert — and I'm no expert.

Writing has become a really enjoyable learning process for me. It forces me to dig into some material and fill the gaps in my knowledge in order to clearly articulate an argument.

Publishing has become a mode of accountability. This 30-day challenge (and my newsletter) force me to write on a consistent basis. I make public commitments to ensure that I actually do the things that I find value in, regardless of how lazy I'm feeling.

All of that said, my fear isn't that people won't find value in my writing — whether you read it or not, it's valuable to me (although it's a huge bonus if it is to you, too).

My fear is people saying, "Well, who is he to think we care what he has to say on this topic? He's no expert!"

That's true. But the writing and publishing is a learning process for me, not a marker of my expertise. I'd love more people to read what I'm writing not because I think it's a superior opinion, but because I love having conversations around what I've written and learning more from the people who've read.

Writing publicly comes from a desire for serendipity, not legitimacy.

This piece isn't coming from any particular comment made to me. I really appreciate all of the feedback I've received, and am thankful for everyone who takes the time to read these.

To 17 more days :)