Day 2 — Evolutionary Reconstruction

When we are dissatisfied with systems and institutions, what are our options?

According to Erik Olin Wright, we have four options: we can smash it, we can tame it, we erode it, or we can escape it. Post-capitalist entrepreneurship is a method of erosion.

The idea is that building a post-capitalist future — whatever that looks like for you — does not need to be preceded by the destruction of the current system. However, it is also not reform.

Between revolution and reform, we find evolutionary reconstruction: new institutions being built and scaled in the mold of the future, but at the micro-level. This theory is the driver behind worker cooperatives, commoning, mutual aid, and other models of post-capitalist institution-building.

Rather than seeking to supplant corporate power, the goal is the build entirely new institutions that directly advance our desired outcomes. As we shift our support from the old to the new, the old will slowly crumble. This is erosion.

I love this idea because it demonstrates how an entrepreneurial spirit can survive without the ruthless incentives that capitalism requires.

It also puts the tools to build a new world directly into our hands.

I'm excited to see what we do with them.